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TruNet Elastic Netting the world leaders in elastic netting technology introduce...Total Control Net Logo

Total Control Net ® a brand new product that is a world first in the industry. Total Control Net is the only net with a pre-fixed diameter, perfect for sliced products, can be used to replace fibrous casings and plastic shrink casings.

TruNet & Viscofan Have An Exciting New product Coffinet/ TCN.

TruNet and Viscofan SA from Spain have jointly developed Collagen Pre -Shirrred with TruNet TCN.

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Total Control Net ® is a
registered product of TruNet with
  a World Wide Patent.



TCN Patent PendingThe benefits this brings to the
meat netting market are:

  • Pre-set calibre stable netting
  • The control of a casing, the power of a netting
  • A netting that can eliminate variation in product size
  • Know the Max Diameter of your products before you net them
  • Reduces ‘Spring Back’
  • Gain Higher Yields
  • Reduces Waste
  • Saves ‘You’ Money

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