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Total Control Net, 2019 Queens Award for Innovation winner

Total Control Net

TruNet Elastic Netting, leaders in elastic netting technology introduce the Queen's Award Winning Total Control Net ®. Total Control Net is the only net, in the World, with a pre-fixed diameter, perfect for sliced products, can be used to replace fibrous casings and plastic shrink casings.

  • Preset calibre netting.
  • The control of a casing, the power of a netting.
  • A netting that eliminates variation in product size.
  • Control the maximum diameter of products before netting.
  • Customers have achieved higher slicing yields.
  • Suitable for whole muscle and emulsified ham production.
  •  Emulsion stuļ¬ƒng with TCN and Collagen Foil, aids high-speed production and increases productivity whilst reducing breakages.
  • Cooked ham
  • Dry-fermented sausage, European style
  • Semi-dried salami
  • Perfect for all meat types